SICC, a mixed development in Izumisano City is sets to create a new focal point of vibrancy and synergy to the city. 


Situated close to Kansai International Airport (KIX), SICC taps to the privilege to generate a 24/7 and 365 days vibrant playground for visitors to see, hear, taste, feel and experience place. Nested on 5 acre land, SICC is self sustaining with complementary facilities - Retail + Business, Hospitality + Services, M.I.C.E Centre, Lifestyle + Leisure, International F&B, Sights + Attraction, Cultural Immersion.


The foot print of the building framing the sea shore and maximizes sea view, resulting in a U-shaped inward facing koi pond and butterfly dome as the micro public communal focal point. The form of the 2 identical towers are aerodynamic inspired which gives a welcoming outward curve, contradicting to Japanese regular form architecture that designed to stand out.