SANDERSON, is an upgrade of the living environment of the much desired country living into a masterpiece of luxury green enclave, distinctly distinguished from its existing surrounding, denoting the urge in addressing the needs for not just designing livable homes, but homes that are able to promote distinction quality of life.


The scheme is gated and guarded with the placement of both the residential tower at the highest point of the entire site shaping the focal point and also the creating a vista overlooking the main entrance where the guard house is. The linear cascading common facility in between the linear residential blocks forms the heart of the development, which are designed with modern art sculptures to complement the modern architectural facade of the development.


GREEN Design is the primary consideration, existing site contour is maintained to have minimal damage to the site, which created multiple green platform filled with planting cascading down the site.


Planting of trees is carefully integrated into the hardscape. Not forgetting the creepers in doing their job in forming the vertical and horizontal landscape.