Catering to a conducive environment that fosters innovative thinking regarding infrastructure and facilities, a sustainable industrial hub features an innovative Flexi-space concept focusing on business creation and growth. Esteem Business Park is located in a sought-after industrial location – the heart of Taman Perindustrian Meru Selatan, a central industrial hub in Klang district, and neighbouring the thriving townships. With its strategic location, the project delights in a wealth of conveniences in terms of transportation and facilities, as well as a varied skillful workforce from the high-traffic neighbourhoods with diverse populations – such as Bandar Baru Setia Alam, Bandar Bukit Raja, Meru and Kapar. The high value of transportation convenience constitutes a superlative system of links to the Business Park.

Esteem Business Park features 39 units of industrial light-weight factory with unobstructed wide frontage and driveway, which provides direct access for unloading under shelter. Broad access and back road lanes allow truck/lorry circulation and easy access. The on-street parking facilitates over 400 cars, 80 motorcycles and 8 lorries.

The design for the Esteem Business Park incorporating practicality and versatility with the translation of architectural language, which involves the bold usage of distinctive modern features - each unit is a masterstroke in its own right. By overlooking the building blocks, unit lots are varied in height and form, creating the sense of rhythm and dynamism to the industrial hub – in line with the client’s intention to set the business park apart from the other conventional industrial estates in its surroundings.  

The skylight roofing and full-height glazed windows offer excellent ventilation and provide daylight access which helps to reduce the reliance on artificial light, improving energy efficiency and amenity for the users. The application of large louvre screen and perforated panels achieves the balance between beauty and function. Both function as shading and glare control devices to ensure adequate levels of daylight admitting into the building and reduce the heat gain, contributing to a pleasant environment.

A fundamental element of the project is the flexible floor layout and spacious built-up, which cater for All-in-One businesses, aim to help companies increase efficiency by minimizing hassle and maximizing effectiveness. Each unit compromises a ready-built mezzanine floor and double-volume production space for flexibility and maximum utilization of space suitable for various business modes such as service center, showroom, repacking industry, cold storage warehouse, center kitchen, factory outlet, logistics and courier service.