The efforts of crafting homes inspired by Arundina orchid extends beyond just the name of this precinct. Colours, Endurance and Grace – each plays a role in the perfection of these homes.

Colours of an Arundina Suria orchid inspired the shades of precinct Arundina’s three Semi-D phases. Phase 1 (Plathea), is of a platinum white shade, Phase 2 (Goldea), is a golden gradual transition of colours, and Phase 3 (Amethea), is akin to the amethyst colour of the orchid.

Endurance of an Arundina Suria orchid is showcased in its purest form by dotting each green garden with Arundina Suria orchids.

Grace of a poised Arundina Suria orchid is weaved in the designs of these Semi-D homes, ensuring nature and luxury living come together as one.

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Arundina at Setia Ecopark